This season we have 11 teams and 1 bye in each division. Captain packs are being distributed to your venues and contain new scorecards for league and team cups, a fixture sheet, clipboard, pen, match day subs envelopes and a receipt for your entry fee. Look at your fixtures ahead to see of any potential issues and arrange those matches earlier than scheduled if need be. This season, we have all 3 divisions sponsors, sponsoring the divisional Cup, and we’re pleased to announce we have recruited Brian Davies and Son, for Division One, and Dortmunder Vier which is sold through the LWC Drinks chain, for Division Two. Appleshed is their cider, which is sponsoring the Doubles and Trebles Cups. All of our sponsors information can be accessed by clicking on their logo on the Home page. 

Make a note that Finals day is Sunday April 14th 

Good luck all

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